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Solidarity against poverty, exploitation and injustice

Like an away game, where practical and moral support are essential: the game is played on a difficult terrain; a hard court, in unforeseen conditions, and we must be prepared for anything, but what matters most is that there is good teamwork. We are sure to reach the finals, because we do our best, we are self-supporting; and all our fans, in addition to cheering for us, support us generously.

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Who are we and what do we do?

Founded in 1996, the association ABBA is comprised of members and supporters. The Member's Meeting and the Steering Committee are the organs of the Association. An auditor, elected by the members, and a fiduciary do the annual financial report.

ABBA is committed in the name of equality, justice and human dignity to support relief and development projects helping people in difficulty and at risk in countries principally of the southern hemisphere.

ABBA wants to raise its slogan like a banner: ABBA stands for Abbastanza per Tutti (in italian, mother tongue of its founders) and means “enough for all”. “All” refers to those in need whom we encounter on our life-journey; in this way, we answer the call to help the poor and the weak.

ABBA is involved in the raising of funds (financial or material goods), by appealing to the sensitivity and generosity of all, to enable the realization of projects and initiatives proposed.

ABBA ensures that all contributions are transformed into practical help and that nothing is deducted for expenses, which are covered by the association's fees or by contributions from our sponsors.

ABBA seeks to inform and raise awareness about the problems of underdevelopment, promotes social justice and works towards action on issues such as exploitation and abuse of children, poverty and the status of women. ABBA uses conferences and information evening working at various levels with activities not directly aimed at the collection of funds.

ABBA publishes INFO, a journal of information in italian, that is sent to members and supporters, with news on projects funded and our activities.

ABBA takes part in public events and exhibitions, and, on request, sets up special activites for various schools and private groups.

ABBA is recognized by the State as an institution of public utility and is a member of Fosit. (Federation of Italian Switzerland NGO's)