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Solidarity against poverty, exploitation and injustice

Like an away game, where practical and moral support are essential: the game is played on a difficult terrain; a hard court, in unforeseen conditions, and we must be prepared for anything, but what matters most is that there is good teamwork. We are sure to reach the finals, because we do our best, we are self-supporting; and all our fans, in addition to cheering for us, support us generously.

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How did ABBA come to be?


“Two months have passed quickly, too quickly for me to really understand, to really be able to grasp what I've seen.
It's time to go home: I say goodbye to the children at the Centre.
For the last time I hold the newborn baby girl in my arms that I rocked for an entire night at the hospital, when we weren't sure she would survive her first 24 hours.
I embrace the blind woman from whom I learned so much, and leave her with a promise: "I don't know how, but somehow I'll help you"…

(excerpt from the diary of Daniela Abruzzi, written during her first visit to the Hagar Project in Cambodia in 1995.)

  A year later ABBA was born.