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Solidarity against poverty, exploitation and injustice

Like an away game, where practical and moral support are essential: the game is played on a difficult terrain; a hard court, in unforeseen conditions, and we must be prepared for anything, but what matters most is that there is good teamwork. We are sure to reach the finals, because we do our best, we are self-supporting; and all our fans, in addition to cheering for us, support us generously.

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Together for a good cause

        How can you help?

by becoming a member of ABBA
the annual fee of CHF 100 allows us to meet current expenses, and is the only way donations and offerings are paid in full for the projects. As a member of ABBA you can attend our annual meeting which usually takes place within the first six months of the year.
In other words, help us to help others!
collaborating with ABBA
- would you like to get involved in the cause of fighting poverty? You can become an interface in your region
- do you work as part of the media, radio, television, or the press? You can be a valuable aid
- ... or even organize a concert, a show, a dramatic presentation? Or a social event, where the proceeds go to ABBA?
Or perhaps you've got your own creative idea...
By lending your time and talents to ABBA, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the return you get: joy and satisfaction! Contact us!
with a contribution that is transformed into practical help
- you can make your payment to the projects supported by ABBA on postal or bank account (see sidebar)
- you can request payment slips
ABBA is recognized as an institution of public utility. Donations can be deducted from taxes!
(We can send you a certificate of donation on request)
Or what about leaving a lasting gift?
Few of us like to think about this, but you can show your desire to help others by leaving something for them before you leave this world, a little piece of you that can continue the good work, designating the association of ABBA  as an heir.