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Solidarity against poverty, exploitation and injustice

Like an away game, where practical and moral support are essential: the game is played on a difficult terrain; a hard court, in unforeseen conditions, and we must be prepared for anything, but what matters most is that there is good teamwork. We are sure to reach the finals, because we do our best, we are self-supporting; and all our fans, in addition to cheering for us, support us generously.

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Cambodia - Hagar Project

20 years of civil war, political upheaval, poverty, corruption, violence, children sold for very little money, the girls trafficked for the sex market, Aids, 9 million mines scattered in the fields, and the dreadful legacy from Pol Pot's, here's how it appeared in Cambodia in 1996 when ABBA was born, which took in "adoption" Hagar, a project born two years before in favour of mothers with children and victims of human trafficking.

Meantime, Cambodia has made ​​great strides, but children continue to disappear and women to be consumer goods, to be thrown away after use.

The Hagar Project is a global program that aims to help women and children to transform their lives and find a dignified place in society, through reception, care, training, work and social reintegration. With a large reception center in the capital, training for women, homes for street children, disabled children, began the project, which has gradually expanded with a series of programs to reach the poorest and most remote provinces of Cambodia.


 Since 1996 ABBA has contributed to the development of the project in all its forms,
with funding and support structures of the different programs.

shelter school community learning centre community developmen house of smile
foster home day care disabled children program education sport
water filter vocational training sewing cooking and catering recovery