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Solidarity against poverty, exploitation and injustice

Like an away game, where practical and moral support are essential: the game is played on a difficult terrain; a hard court, in unforeseen conditions, and we must be prepared for anything, but what matters most is that there is good teamwork. We are sure to reach the finals, because we do our best, we are self-supporting; and all our fans, in addition to cheering for us, support us generously.

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Burkina Faso - Water supply

The fight against poverty - WATER right

Burkina Faso is a Sahelian country band that from the 70s who suffer from chronic water shortages due to drought and environmental degradation processes. Located at 177° place (out of 182 countries) in the human development report 2009 of the United Nations, is one of the poorest countries in the world. Its economy is based on agriculture, constantly threatened by drought, and livestock, as well as on international aid. The lack of water forced women and animals to travel many miles to draw the water needed for the family and to water the animals.

Since 2003 the association Deserto Verde  (Green Desert) is working to combat desertification through a program of rehabilitation of land in the region dell'Oudalan, the northern region of Burkina, sowing fields degraded worked with the Vallerani System.
In sharing the methodology of intervention in the fight against poverty, is born the desire to join forces for a common goal, providing access to water to the population of the 15 villages affected by the program.

The response of ABBA: water supply program
Started in 2010 with the construction of 3 wells and the restoration of 3 existing wells. The second phase (2011-2012) provides for the construction of 4 new wells (60-80 meters) and repair of 2 existing wells

Water resources of the Boulis
The Boulis are artificial lakes created in the '80s as an alternative to the wells to make up for lack of water, particularly for watering the herds. During the rainy season is setting up a reserve to fill the dry season to benefit animals or horticulture. Over the years, however, were full of sand, so water retention is no longer sufficient and dry up shortly after the rainy season, hence the need to retrieve it with the drainage and restoration of their ability.

In the first phase of ABBA were drained 3 Boulis.

The 2011-2012 program is expected to reclaim 1 Bouli and realize a new one.


Photo taken in December  2010                         work in progress, February 2011                      September 2011